Ranger Honor Cover Reveal

It’s here! The cover for the fifth book in my Texas Ranger Heroes series is ready. My husband and kids have said this is their favorite cover so far. I’m not supposed to have preferences, but…between you and me…this one is favorite too.  Are you ready?   Are you sure? Okay, here it is! Isn’t is gorgeous?!!!  I’ll … [Read more…]

Triumph Over Adversity Series Announcement

Hello, my friends!I’m thrilled to announce my new series, Triumph Over Adversity. The first book in the series is a spinoff from Texas Ranger Heroes and was inspired by…wait for it…you! Readers have emailed and messaged me on social media asking for Jason Gonzalez to get his own story. Do you remember him? He was … [Read more…]

Vanish is available!

I’m so excited about this book. From the moment Janet appeared in Ranger Protection, I knew she needed her own story. It was a pleasure to write this novella and I hope you all love it as much as I do. There’s danger, a dog (of course there is!), a fantastic mystery, and a sweet … [Read more…]