Ranger Bravery

The past haunts her...

Piper Jensen escaped her small-town, seeking a new life without the baggage of her childhood. Her only regret was breaking up with her first love through a hastily scrawled note. When tragedy strikes a decade later, she becomes the guardian of her sister’s children. Juggling her duties as a detective for the Rock Fort Police Department with sudden motherhood is a struggle. And then her life is threatened…

Texas Ranger Jackson Barker has never forgotten Piper. The tough-shelled teen he once loved has grown into a brave woman with a badge and a gun. When a young woman is murdered—and Piper’s life is endangered—Jackson becomes the lead investigator. He’d prefer to keep some distance from his former sweetheart, but she insists on working together, especially when a clue ties a member of Jackson’s family to the crime.

A subsequent assault confirms Piper’s suspicions. These aren’t random crimes. The murders are connected to a secret she’s kept for a decade…one she isn’t ready to face. But there may be 

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