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His scars are hidden. 

Kyle Stewart always envisioned marriage and children in his future, but being deployed changed him in every possible way. All he wants now is to take care of his aging parents and live a quiet life of bachelorhood. Then a woman from Kyle’s past blasts back into his life with hired hitmen on her tail.

She’s not who she claims to be.

Sierra Lyons isn’t her real name. She’s not originally from Texas, her birthday isn’t in April, and her family has been on the run since she was seven. Trusting the police isn’t an option, but when armed men attempt to kidnap her infant nephew, there’s no denying she’s been found.

Some risks are worth taking.

Kyle knows Sierra isn’t telling the whole truth, but the threats against her are real. He’ll do whatever it takes to protect her and her nephew—even if it places his own life in peril. Keeping his heart from becoming collateral damage, however, may be impossible...



He swore an oath.

Tucker Colburn is haunted by his comrade’s death. He promised to deliver the man’s personal effects to his sister, but before he can, the woman disappears. No forwarding address, no telephone number, and no way to contact her. The case is at a standstill until Tucker rescues another woman from a deadly attack.

She’s a target.

Leah Gray survived cancer, and the experience changed her forever. All she wants is to make her slice of the world better. When her good friend disappears, Leah will do anything to find her. Bringing attention to the case, however, places Leah in serious peril. Someone is determined to silence her. For good.

A search for the truth.

Tucker’s duty is clear. He must protect Leah while aiding her investigation, even if being close to the gorgeous brunette puts his heart at risk. But every step closer to the truth places them in greater danger. Will their strategic plan work? Or will finding the missing woman cost their lives?