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No way to escape...

After the death of her fiancé, Olivia Leighton takes solace in her work as a wedding planner—until she receives threatening messages. Hiding out isn’t an option if she wants to keep her business afloat. But when she’s attacked and almost kidnapped during a reception, it becomes frighteningly clear the lengths her stalker will go to.

Texas Ranger Cole Donnelly is horrified by the assault on Olivia. In order to keep her safe, he agrees to go undercover as her assistant. But being close to the stunning woman, and witnessing firsthand her kindness and fortitude, leaves him questioning the reasons he’s locked away his heart.

With each bridal gown fitting and cake tasting, the peril mounts as Olivia's stalker grows bolder. Cole will do anything to protect her, but their forced proximity creates its own complication as he and Olivia grow closer. Can he capture her stalker before it’s too late? Or will the next event Cole plans be Olivia’s funeral?



The past haunts her...

Piper Jensen escaped her small-town, seeking a new life without the baggage of her childhood. Her only regret was breaking up with her first love through a hastily scrawled note. When tragedy strikes a decade later, she becomes the guardian of her sister’s children. Juggling her duties as a detective for the Rock Fort Police Department with sudden motherhood is a struggle. And then her life is threatened…

Texas Ranger Jackson Barker has never forgotten Piper. The tough-shelled teen he once loved has grown into a brave woman with a badge and a gun. When a young woman is murdered—and Piper’s life is endangered—Jackson becomes the lead investigator. He’d prefer to keep some distance from his former sweetheart, but she insists on working together, especially when a clue ties a member of Jackson’s family to the crime.

A subsequent assault confirms Piper’s suspicions. These aren’t random crimes. The murders are connected to a secret she’s kept for a decade…one she isn’t ready to face. But there may be no choice. The killer’s twisted obsession requires one ultimate trophy: Piper herself.

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